Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Food and Drink to Grow On

Every meal is an opportunity for a healthy family experience. If your child learns to reach for healthy foods now, then he’ll keep on making good food choices his whole life.

A great way to help your child learn about different types of food is by explaining the idea of “anytime” and “sometime” foods.

  • An “anytime” food is something we can eat every day, such as fruits and veggies in all colors of the rainbow, whole grains, lean meats, lowfat yogurt, and water or lowfat milk to drink.
  • “Sometime” foods are high in sugar, fat, or salt — that’s why we should only eat them once in awhile. They’re foods such as cookies, candy, chips, and sodas.

Try This! Sometimes it takes several tries before your child learns to like a new food. Challenge your child to take a taste of something different, focusing on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, or lowfat dairy products.

Try This! Plan a meal with your child that includes at least three different colors, like red peppers, black beans, and brown rice. Have your child count up all the colors on the plate.

Get Your Whole Family Moving Together!

Your child loves to move. When you see her hopping and jumping, join in! Encourage your entire family to move together during everyday moments. Help everyone explore all the ways they can use their bodies to stay healthy and feel good. By adding more movement into your day, you will be developing an important habit for a healthy life:
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • As you walk to the park, bus stop, or store, try skipping or jumping every few steps.
  • Strrrrrrrretch! After sitting for a long time, reach up high to the ceiling. Now reach down to the floor.
  • When you wake up in the morning, give each part of your body a little wiggle and get an energetic start to the day.
  • At bedtime, talk about all the ways you’ve moved during the day, and name some fun, active things you’d like to do tomorrow. Get an energetic start to the day.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Bird watching in Kindergarten

Students in Kindergarten have been learning about different kinds of animals. Today we went on a nature walk and spotted a beautiful Blue Heron right on our campus.